Real-Time Bidding Specification & Integration Kit


Version 1.0


Cronbid provides a real-time bidding DSP platform that allows buyers to make real-time buying decisions while sourcing ad inventory. The interface of this platform is implemented as per the IAB’s OpenRTB Specification Version 2.5 and uses JSON (Content-Type: application/JSON; charset=UTF-8) as its message format.

Data format

By default, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) supported for bid request and bid response data payloads. We can support other data formats for specific integrations. Default header: Content-Type: application/JSON header.


By default, all calls should return HTTP code 200 with the body containing bid response in JSON format. For the “no-bid” response, the call should return HTTP code 204 with an empty body. However, for specific integrations we can support other options like HTTP code 200 with an empty body, or with the body containing “no-bid” message.

Accordance with IAB Specifications and Guidelines

We work in accordance with IAB Specifications available here:

This page aims to help our Publishers/Supply Partners to get integrated via our RTB Demand Side Platform and Real-Time Bidding Specification.


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