Digital Ad Formats

Display ads

1. Banner

The basic and huge reachable mobile ad format is the Banner ads. Multiple sizes, according to the app or website inventory ad space, helps in brand awareness and lead generations.

2. Interstitial banner ads

Interstitial display or banner ads appear full-screen during the in-app activity. Since these ads cover the full screen of the user app, they are one of the most engaging in-app display ads.

3. Interstitial Video Ads

Interstitial video ads are full-screen videos that come during breaks within the app like completing the gaming level or holding any ongoing work or pausing any video. This is the most engaging ad format for users and advertisers because it covers the user’s entire screen and grabbing their all attention towards the video. It helps the brand awareness or new product of the existing brand.

4. In-stream Pre-Roll Video Ads

In-stream pre-roll videos play before, during (in-between), or after completion of video content within the app’s in-house video player. This ad format is popular among publisher app partners because this offers video content within their app videos.

5. Out-stream Video Ads

Out-stream videos commonly known as Native videos and in-read which are placed within the in-app content like between images or between text paragraphs. The advantage of this format is, theses ads are auto-plays when it reaches the viewable area of the user within the app. And since these are auto play, these ads are high visibility rates.

6. Rewarded Video Ads

By using rewarded video ads, apps can target users to earn virtual goods or currency which is convertible to real currencies or similar type earnings, in return for watching a video ad. Rewarded video is an easy way for initial campaign boost. The click to conversion or action rates are always high in rewarded advertising.

7. Native Ads

As the name of the ad format itself indicates, these ads fit within the native look of in-app content or website content and it never feels like separate in-app or website advertisement. Users always find and feel these advertisements like a suggestion or direction. Native advertising helps boosting visibility of the products.

8. Playable Ads

Playable ads work based on the “try and buy” concept. As the name itself indicates, the ads you can actually play in real-time. This format normally has a small part of the original product like a macro part of the original game which you can play before installing the full application. This ad format helps to gain better and long term user engagement. It also helps to reduce the uninstall rate.

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